Dunshield – a piano desk

For the past couple of years I’ve been designing a composer’s desk based around the Kawai VPC-1.

The idea of a custom desk was born out of a personal need: having a proper desk that would bring everything together in my composition studio. This meant uniting a weighted 88 note keyboard with screens, cables, 19″ gear, controllers, pedals, and much more.

Soon it became clear that this need was greater than my own. To cater for the challenge in a more universal way, the desk was re-conceived from the ground up to be expandable and customizable. In other words: from standard parts, and many options, the desk could now be configured to befit a pianist, a music producer, a composer, or anything in between – and even be re-configured along the way.

Arriving at that point I realized the quest was not over. A quality piece like this would not agree with everyone’s wallet – including mine by that time. Having no funds left to actually build the prototype, I started working on a light version, once again finding myself driven by necessity: the very limit of my own budget – and something tells me there exists a similar condition for many creative individuals out there.

As we progress into building and prototyping this light version, I thought to share the process  and start this making-of report in a blog like fashion.

Here’s a first teaser of a blueprint sketch, showing one of the many steps along the way into what it was like designing the Dunshield Desk.

There’s more to come.


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